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  1. Photo of Daniel Mann

    Daniel Mann Director

  2. Photo of George Cukor

    George Cukor Director

  3. Photo of Lonnie Coleman

    Lonnie Coleman Screenplay

  4. Photo of James Poe

    James Poe Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hal B. Wallis

    Hal B. Wallis Producer

  6. Photo of Alex North

    Alex North Music

  7. Photo of Loyal Griggs

    Loyal Griggs Cinematography

  8. Photo of Warren Low

    Warren Low Editing

  9. Photo of Tambi Larsen

    Tambi Larsen Production Design

  10. Photo of Hal Pereira

    Hal Pereira Production Design

  11. Photo of Winston H. Leverett

    Winston H. Leverett Sound

  12. Photo of Harold Lewis

    Harold Lewis Sound

  13. Photo of August Van Koughnet

    August Van Koughnet Sound

  14. Photo of Shirley Booth

    Shirley Booth Cast

  15. Photo of Anthony Quinn

    Anthony Quinn Cast

  16. Photo of Shirley MacLaine

    Shirley MacLaine Cast

  17. Photo of Earl Holliman

    Earl Holliman Cast

  18. Photo of Eileen Heckart

    Eileen Heckart Cast

  19. Photo of Clint Kimbrough

    Clint Kimbrough Cast

  20. Photo of Warren Stevens

    Warren Stevens Cast

  21. Photo of Jody Lawrance

    Jody Lawrance Cast

  22. Photo of Harlan Warde

    Harlan Warde Cast

  23. Photo of Valerie Allen

    Valerie Allen Cast