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  1. Photo of Teruo Ishii

    Teruo Ishii Director

  2. Photo of Teruo Yoshida

    Teruo Yoshida Cast

  3. Photo of Masumi Tachibana

    Masumi Tachibana Cast

  4. Photo of Mie Hanabusa

    Mie Hanabusa Cast

  5. Photo of Yukie Kagawa

    Yukie Kagawa Cast

  6. Photo of Keiko Kojima

    Keiko Kojima Cast

  7. Photo of Yoko Mihara

    Yoko Mihara Cast

  8. Photo of Yuriko Mishima

    Yuriko Mishima Cast

  9. Photo of Ranfan Ou

    Ranfan Ou Cast

  10. Photo of Miyuki Takakura

    Miyuki Takakura Cast

  11. Photo of Junko Toda

    Junko Toda Cast