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  1. Photo of Marcel Ophüls

    Marcel Ophüls Director, Cast, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Reuben Aaronson

    Reuben Aaronson Cinematography

  3. Photo of Pierre Boffety

    Pierre Boffety Cinematography

  4. Photo of Daniel Chabert

    Daniel Chabert Cinematography

  5. Photo of Michael J. Davis

    Michael J. Davis Cinematography

  6. Photo of Paul Gonon

    Paul Gonon Cinematography

  7. Photo of Hans Haber

    Hans Haber Cinematography

  8. Photo of Lionel Legros

    Lionel Legros Cinematography

  9. Photo of Wilhelm Rösing

    Wilhelm Rösing Cinematography

  10. Photo of Klaus Barbie

    Klaus Barbie Cast

  11. Photo of Claude Lanzmann

    Claude Lanzmann Cast

  12. Photo of Jeanne Moreau

    Jeanne Moreau Cast

  13. Photo of Johannes Schneider-Merck

    Johannes Schneider-Merck Cast

  14. Photo of Hamilton Fish

    Hamilton Fish Executive Producer

  15. Photo of John S. Friedman

    John S. Friedman Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Peter Kovler

    Peter Kovler Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Claude Bal

    Claude Bal Cast

  18. Photo of René Tavernier

    René Tavernier Cast

  19. Photo of Bertrand Tavernier

    Bertrand Tavernier Cast

  20. Photo of Günter Grass

    Günter Grass Cast

  21. Photo of Albert Jurgenson

    Albert Jurgenson Editing

  22. Photo of Catherine Zins

    Catherine Zins Editing

  23. Photo of Philippe Mouisset

    Philippe Mouisset Sound