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  1. Photo of Andrea Calderwood

    Andrea Calderwood Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Annie Stewart

    Annie Stewart Producer

  3. Photo of Lesley Stewart

    Lesley Stewart Producer

  4. Photo of Ernst Etchie Stroh

    Ernst Etchie Stroh Producer

  5. Photo of John Webster

    John Webster Screenplay

  6. Photo of Patrick Alexander Stewart

    Patrick Alexander Stewart Cinematography

  7. Photo of Rhys Ifans

    Rhys Ifans Cast

  8. Photo of Saffron Burrows

    Saffron Burrows Cast

  9. Photo of David Schwimmer

    David Schwimmer Cast

  10. Photo of Valentina Cervi

    Valentina Cervi Cast

  11. Photo of Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu Cast

  12. Photo of Max Beesley

    Max Beesley Cast

  13. Photo of Julian Sands

    Julian Sands Cast

  14. Photo of Salma Hayek

    Salma Hayek Cast

  15. Photo of Valeria Golino

    Valeria Golino Cast

  16. Photo of John Malkovich

    John Malkovich Cast

  17. Photo of Burt Reynolds

    Burt Reynolds Cast

  18. Photo of Chiara Mastroianni

    Chiara Mastroianni Cast

  19. Photo of Mía Maestro

    Mía Maestro Cast

  20. Photo of Ornella Muti

    Ornella Muti Cast

  21. Photo of Mark Strong

    Mark Strong Cast

  22. Photo of Jason Isaacs

    Jason Isaacs Cast

  23. Photo of Danny Huston

    Danny Huston Cast

  24. Photo of Laura Morante

    Laura Morante Cast

  25. Photo of Heathcote Williams

    Heathcote Williams Cast, Screenplay

  26. Photo of Andrea Di Stefano

    Andrea Di Stefano Cast

  27. Photo of Stefania Rocca

    Stefania Rocca Cast

  28. Photo of Mark Long

    Mark Long Cast

  29. Photo of Fabrizio Bentivoglio

    Fabrizio Bentivoglio Cast

  30. Photo of Nicola Farron

    Nicola Farron Cast

  31. Photo of Franco Fumagalli

    Franco Fumagalli Production Design

  32. Photo of Mike Figgis

    Mike Figgis Music, Director, Producer, Screenplay

  33. Photo of Anthony Marinelli

    Anthony Marinelli Music

  34. Photo of Catherine Buyse Dian

    Catherine Buyse Dian Costume Design

  35. Photo of Michael Mandalis

    Michael Mandalis Sound