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  1. Photo of Lisa Langseth

    Lisa Langseth Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alicia Vikander

    Alicia Vikander Cast

  3. Photo of David Dencik

    David Dencik Cast

  4. Photo of Mira Eklund

    Mira Eklund Cast

  5. Photo of Simon J. Berger

    Simon J. Berger Cast

  6. Photo of Henrik Norlén

    Henrik Norlén Cast

  7. Photo of Margita Ahlin

    Margita Ahlin Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Bjelkerud

    Anna Bjelkerud Cast

  9. Photo of Lisa Carlehed

    Lisa Carlehed Cast

  10. Photo of Karin de Frumerie

    Karin de Frumerie Cast

  11. Photo of Leif Edlund

    Leif Edlund Cast

  12. Photo of Fredrik Evers

    Fredrik Evers Cast

  13. Photo of Johan Friberg

    Johan Friberg Cast

  14. Photo of David Fukamachi Regnfors

    David Fukamachi Regnfors Cast

  15. Photo of Johan Karlberg

    Johan Karlberg Cast

  16. Photo of Johan Jonason

    Johan Jonason Cast

  17. Photo of Åsa Fång

    Åsa Fång Cast

  18. Photo of Ben Kamijo

    Ben Kamijo Cast

  19. Photo of Philip Martin

    Philip Martin Cast

  20. Photo of Jennie Rydén

    Jennie Rydén Cast

  21. Photo of Caroline Sehm

    Caroline Sehm Cast

  22. Photo of Jonas Sjöqvist

    Jonas Sjöqvist Cast

  23. Photo of Simon Pramsten

    Simon Pramsten Cinematography

  24. Photo of Andreas Söderström

    Andreas Söderström Music

  25. Photo of Johan Berthling

    Johan Berthling Music

  26. Photo of Catharina Nyqvist Ehrnrooth

    Catharina Nyqvist Ehrnrooth Production Design

  27. Photo of Patrik Andersson

    Patrik Andersson Producer

  28. Photo of Frida Jonason

    Frida Jonason Producer

  29. Photo of Mattias Nohrborg

    Mattias Nohrborg Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Fredrik Heinig

    Fredrik Heinig Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Elin Pröjts

    Elin Pröjts Editing