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  1. Photo of Angelina Maccarone

    Angelina Maccarone Director

  2. Photo of Ulrike Zimmermann

    Ulrike Zimmermann Executive Producer, Producer

  3. Photo of Hartmut Ewert

    Hartmut Ewert Music

  4. Photo of Jacob Hansonis

    Jacob Hansonis Music

  5. Photo of Bernd Meiners

    Bernd Meiners Cinematography

  6. Photo of Bettina Böhler

    Bettina Böhler Editing

  7. Photo of Bernhard A. Homann

    Bernhard A. Homann Production Design

  8. Photo of Dirk Homann

    Dirk Homann Sound

  9. Photo of Kostja Ullmann

    Kostja Ullmann Cast

  10. Photo of Maren Kroymann

    Maren Kroymann Cast

  11. Photo of Moritz Grove

    Moritz Grove Cast

  12. Photo of Sila Sahin

    Sila Sahin Cast

  13. Photo of Ada Labahn

    Ada Labahn Cast

  14. Photo of Markus Voellenklee

    Markus Voellenklee Cast

  15. Photo of Stephanie Charlotta Koetz

    Stephanie Charlotta Koetz Cast

  16. Photo of Sophie Rogall

    Sophie Rogall Cast

  17. Photo of Susanne Billig

    Susanne Billig Cast, Screenplay

  18. Photo of Katharina Pichler

    Katharina Pichler Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Pink

    Michael Pink Cast

  20. Photo of Frank Meyer-Brockmann

    Frank Meyer-Brockmann Cast