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  1. Photo of Jota Alves

    Jota Alves Cast

  2. Photo of Regina Andrion

    Regina Andrion Cast

  3. Photo of Fabricio Cavalcanti

    Fabricio Cavalcanti Cast

  4. Photo of Francisco Cavalcanti

    Francisco Cavalcanti Cast, Director Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jesse James Costa

    Jesse James Costa Cast

  6. Photo of Clery Cunha

    Clery Cunha Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Edelgunde

    Maria Edelgunde Cast

  8. Photo of Waldemar Laurentis

    Waldemar Laurentis Cast

  9. Photo of José Mojica Marins

    José Mojica Marins Cast and Director

  10. Photo of Darcy Silva

    Darcy Silva Cast

  11. Photo of Marie Edelgunde Platz Wichering

    Marie Edelgunde Platz Wichering Cast

  12. Photo of Marthus Mathias

    Marthus Mathias Cast

  13. Photo of Salvador Amaral

    Salvador Amaral Cinematography