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  1. Photo of Walter Matthau

    Walter Matthau Cast

  2. Photo of Glenda Jackson

    Glenda Jackson Cast

  3. Photo of Art Carney

    Art Carney Cast

  4. Photo of Richard Benjamin

    Richard Benjamin Cast

  5. Photo of Candice Azzara

    Candice Azzara Cast

  6. Photo of Dick O'Neill

    Dick O'Neill Cast

  7. Photo of Thayer David

    Thayer David Cast

  8. Photo of Anthony Holland

    Anthony Holland Cast

  9. Photo of Reva Rose

    Reva Rose Cast

  10. Photo of Sandra Kerns

    Sandra Kerns Cast

  11. Photo of Brad Dexter

    Brad Dexter Cast

  12. Photo of Jane Connell

    Jane Connell Cast

  13. Photo of Howard Zieff

    Howard Zieff Director

  14. Photo of Charles Shyer

    Charles Shyer Screenplay

  15. Photo of Max Shulman

    Max Shulman Screenplay

  16. Photo of Henri-Pierre Roché

    Henri-Pierre Roché Screenplay

  17. Photo of Alan Mandel

    Alan Mandel Screenplay

  18. Photo of Julius J. Epstein

    Julius J. Epstein Screenplay

  19. Photo of Lloyd Gough

    Lloyd Gough Cast

  20. Photo of Jennings Lang

    Jennings Lang Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Arlene Sellers

    Arlene Sellers Producer

  22. Photo of Alex Winitsky

    Alex Winitsky Producer

  23. Photo of Henry Mancini

    Henry Mancini Music

  24. Photo of David M. Walsh

    David M. Walsh Cinematography

  25. Photo of Edward Warschilka

    Edward Warschilka Editing

  26. Photo of Henry Bumstead

    Henry Bumstead Production Design