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  1. Psycoteraphy's rating of the film House of Bamboo

  2. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film House of Bamboo

  3. Jason's rating of the film House of Bamboo

    War hero and motormouth individualist, certainly beholden to no man's ideology, Fuller was never gonna run into trouble w/ HUAC, but there's nonetheless a sardonic Un-American streak coursing through his work. In the painterly HOUSE OF BAMBOO, the critique of American power (and its ruses) is built around Robert Stack's belligerent functionary, who is supposedly the hero, but whom Fuller clearly sees as contemptible.

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film House of Bamboo

    S'inspirant du canevas traditionnel du genre policier, Samuel Fuller a réalisé un film dans lequel il a projeté sa personnalité. En utilisant habilement les ressources du cinémascope, il nous présente un véritable documentaire sur le Japon moderne. Les séquences d'action sont époustouflantes. Un chef-d'oeuvre !

  5. Daishi's rating of the film House of Bamboo

  6. Dalibor's rating of the film House of Bamboo

    A directors fascination with eastern culture, more closely introduced to US after the war, as well as further exploration of cinematography within his classic genre. First part didn't work as planned, and feels rather naive, especially by the end. Filming it, on the other hand, steals the show! If it was left on mute, camera work alone could retell the entire thing.

  7. Ben Bosko's rating of the film House of Bamboo

  8. ☼'s rating of the film House of Bamboo

    Sandy disobeys his own order to save Eddie's life; Mariko breaks her culture's norms by visiting Eddie. Both fight to make Eddie their ichiban. With the spectre of World War II looming in the film's background, the actions are also unmistakably contradictory to military attitudes: the preservation of human relationships is a cause célèbre beyond conformity to established power structures.

  9. M Klein's rating of the film House of Bamboo

    A film set in Japan, with Japanese characters, coming from a respectful viewpoint of the culture, yet the Japanese seem also entirely absent. Maybe should be seen in a double bill with Stray Dog, or even better, one of Ozu's colour films. Loved the opening scene with the train.

  10. Keisuke Kawasaki's rating of the film House of Bamboo

    Usually this is not considered as one of the main picks of Fuller. Because, its grand sryle and unlike splendor such is not a hollmark from the director. Some says the picture is full of plot contradiction and misunderstandings of Japanese culture. But, so what! It is a Fuller fiim, and certainly this one is. I agree with Godard or Dave Thomson, that the film is a gem with full of creativity. What a masterpiece.

  11. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film House of Bamboo

    The attempts at fullblown humanism fall flat, but there's enough to keep me hooked. The cinematography is obviously gorgeous.

  12. Dave's rating of the film House of Bamboo

    As I said in a blog I used to run: "There seems to be a statement being made concerning the clash of the American and Japanese cultures, but the Japanese female lead tended to drag the story. It works best as the brutal crime film it truly is, allowing Fuller to craft that tough guy characters that he loved to work with."

  13. Sancar Seckiner's rating of the film House of Bamboo

    "Novelty of scene and a warm, believable performance by Japanese star Shirley Yamaguchi are two of the better values in the production. Had story treatment and direction been on the same level of excellence, House would have been an allround good show. Pictorially, the film is beautiful to see; the talk's mostly in the terse, tough idiom of yesteryear mob pix." Variety

  14. L.A.™'s rating of the film House of Bamboo

    Certainly not his finest, but even with that this film has been imitated and studied by us all.Robert Ryan and Robert Stack match wits and get to say all these cool lines. Plus the climactic ending is a beauty in cinematography. Incredible use of cinemascope.