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  1. Photo of Kevin Macdonald

    Kevin Macdonald Director

  2. Photo of Tessa Ross

    Tessa Ross Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Robert Walak

    Robert Walak Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Piers Wenger

    Piers Wenger Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Nigel Williams

    Nigel Williams Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Charles Steel

    Charles Steel Producer

  7. Photo of Alasdair Flind

    Alasdair Flind Producer

  8. Photo of Andrew Ruhemann

    Andrew Ruhemann Producer

  9. Photo of John Battsek

    John Battsek Producer

  10. Photo of Saoirse Ronan

    Saoirse Ronan Cast

  11. Photo of Tom Holland

    Tom Holland Cast

  12. Photo of George MacKay

    George MacKay Cast

  13. Photo of Jeremy Brock

    Jeremy Brock Screenplay

  14. Photo of Penelope Skinner

    Penelope Skinner Screenplay

  15. Photo of Tony Grisoni

    Tony Grisoni Screenplay

  16. Photo of Franz Lustig

    Franz Lustig Cinematography

  17. Photo of Jinx Godfrey

    Jinx Godfrey Editing

  18. Photo of Jon Hopkins

    Jon Hopkins Music

  19. Photo of Jacqueline Abrahams

    Jacqueline Abrahams Production Design

  20. Photo of Glenn Freemantle

    Glenn Freemantle Sound

  21. Photo of Anna Chancellor

    Anna Chancellor Cast

  22. Photo of Corey Johnson

    Corey Johnson Cast

  23. Photo of Harley Bird

    Harley Bird Cast