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  1. Photo of Jerry Paris

    Jerry Paris Director

  2. Photo of Jerry Belson

    Jerry Belson Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Garry Marshall

    Garry Marshall Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Muriel Resnik

    Muriel Resnik Screenplay

  5. Photo of James Garner

    James Garner Cast

  6. Photo of Debbie Reynolds

    Debbie Reynolds Cast

  7. Photo of Maurice Ronet

    Maurice Ronet Cast

  8. Photo of Terry-Thomas

    Terry-Thomas Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Lynde

    Paul Lynde Cast

  10. Photo of Marcel Dalio

    Marcel Dalio Cast

  11. Photo of Gino Conforti

    Gino Conforti Cast

  12. Photo of Donald Losby

    Donald Losby Cast

  13. Photo of Hilary Thompson

    Hilary Thompson Cast

  14. Photo of Alexandra Hay

    Alexandra Hay Cast

  15. Photo of Lucien Ballard

    Lucien Ballard Cinematography

  16. Photo of Patrick Williams

    Patrick Williams Music

  17. Photo of Bud Molin

    Bud Molin Editing