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  1. Photo of Ron Howard

    Ron Howard Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Todd Hallowell

    Todd Hallowell Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Linda Fields

    Linda Fields Producer

  4. Photo of Brian Grazer

    Brian Grazer Producer

  5. Photo of Aldric La'Auli Porter

    Aldric La'Auli Porter Producer

  6. Photo of Louisa Velis

    Louisa Velis Producer

  7. Photo of David Womark

    David Womark Producer

  8. Photo of Dr. Seuss

    Dr. Seuss Screenplay

  9. Photo of Jeffrey Price

    Jeffrey Price Screenplay

  10. Photo of Peter S. Seaman

    Peter S. Seaman Screenplay

  11. Photo of Donald Peterman

    Donald Peterman Cinematography

  12. Photo of Jim Carrey

    Jim Carrey Cast

  13. Photo of Taylor Momsen

    Taylor Momsen Cast

  14. Photo of Jeffrey Tambor

    Jeffrey Tambor Cast

  15. Photo of Christine Baranski

    Christine Baranski Cast

  16. Photo of Bill Irwin

    Bill Irwin Cast

  17. Photo of Molly Shannon

    Molly Shannon Cast

  18. Photo of Anthony Hopkins

    Anthony Hopkins Cast

  19. Photo of Daniel P. Hanley

    Daniel P. Hanley Editing

  20. Photo of Mike Hill

    Mike Hill Editing

  21. Photo of Michael Corenblith

    Michael Corenblith Production Design

  22. Photo of James Horner

    James Horner Music

  23. Photo of Jim Boulden

    Jim Boulden Animation

  24. Photo of Martin Costello

    Martin Costello Animation

  25. Photo of Andrew Hall

    Andrew Hall Animation

  26. Photo of Jason Armstrong

    Jason Armstrong Animation

  27. Photo of Dan Fowler

    Dan Fowler Animation

  28. Photo of Keith Huggins

    Keith Huggins Animation

  29. Photo of Michael Barry

    Michael Barry Sound

  30. Photo of Carmen Flores De Tanis

    Carmen Flores De Tanis Sound

  31. Photo of Rita Ryack

    Rita Ryack Costume Design