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  1. Photo of Louise Leroux

    Louise Leroux Cast

  2. Photo of Robin L.P. Bain

    Robin L.P. Bain Cinematography

  3. Photo of Brian Duchscherer

    Brian Duchscherer Cinematography

  4. Photo of Pierre Landry

    Pierre Landry Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lynda Pelley

    Lynda Pelley Cinematography

  6. Photo of Susan Trow

    Susan Trow Cinematography

  7. Photo of Normand Roger

    Normand Roger Music and Sound

  8. Photo of Barrie McLean

    Barrie McLean Producer

  9. Photo of Marcy Page

    Marcy Page Producer

  10. Photo of Craig Welch

    Craig Welch Animation and Director