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  1. Joaquín Font's rating of the film Howl

    Pésima. Como las actuaciones, como los encuadres, como todos los clichés de los que se nutre.

  2. Kevin's rating of the film Howl

    It tried, and for that I give it credit.

  3. hexhunk's rating of the film Howl

    A potentially interesting biopic punctuated by ill-stylized animated sequences that do not match the rhythm or ferocity of Ginsberg's finest work of poetry.

  4. Jeremy Tamura's rating of the film Howl

    I liked the film but was not totally thrilled with the animated moments. I'm not sure it was the best way to make Ginsberg's words alive.

  5. Rocketeam's rating of the film Howl

    With a special cameo by Don Draper!

  6. apriccot's rating of the film Howl

    i don't really dig james franco as ginsberg, but the trial subject is cool

  7. Mariana Basílio's rating of the film Howl

  8. Christophe's rating of the film Howl

    Le texte de Ginsberg est le seul intérêt de ce patchwork visuel, un traitement documentaire aurait sans doute été plus pertinent

  9. Inès Silvestre's rating of the film Howl

    Une lecture guidée du propos ginsbergien.

  10. totochvilli's rating of the film Howl

    Pure poetry! down with Moloch, hail the sacred human soul

  11. Ludovic72's rating of the film Howl

    On ne peut pas dire que ce film rende vraiment justice à la poésie de Ginsberg. Le problème ne vient pas de James Franco (plutôt convaincant) mais du scénario (sans surprises), du mélange N&B + couleurs (sans utilité) et des passages en animation 2D ou 3D (jolis, mais illustrer de la poésie brime l'imagination du spectateur et alourdit le texte). En résumé, les réalisateurs ont manqué de finesse.

  12. Michael Garmonsway's rating of the film Howl

    A little shallow, but ultimately very moving and extremely well-acted. 7/10

  13. L'immoralistee's rating of the film Howl

  14. henryfrust's rating of the film Howl

  15. Shoham L's rating of the film Howl

    This could have been good. This could have been brilliant. The animations were well done, gave the poetry a very Ginsberg depth, but the script was very flat. However, Franco did well enough and captured an essence of Ginsberg himself. A lot of misinformation seeps into this.

  16. nicolecahali's rating of the film Howl

  17. Àlex Frias Haro's rating of the film Howl

    Tributo oratorio y visual al gran exponente de la literatura beatnik, Allen Ginsberg, interpretado por un esplendido James Franco, con algunos poemas ilustrados en fantásticas animaciones. Se siente estilística y tonalmente saturada, pero el juicio en donde se puso en cuestión la calidad literaria de su libro "Howl" (considerado indecente y obsceno), es un interesante debate sobre el valor de la poesía moderna.

  18. eli // noahrookie's rating of the film Howl

  19. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Howl

    a animação feia matou o gato

  20. smndvdcl's rating of the film Howl

    Wherever you stand on Ginsberg, whatever you think of Epstein's direction, however the film utilises sight/sound to convey this case, the significance of this true story regarding freedom of expression illustrates the ideological divide between conservative censorship wishing to ban certain speech, and the liberal whose emphasis on an open playing field (as long as mutual human rights are upheld) is profound.

  21. anotherbennet's rating of the film Howl

    It didn't worked for me. I much rather prefer On The Road or How To Kill Your Darlings.

  22. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Howl

    It isn't the film that is good, it's Allen Ginsberg.

  23. Utlaningaar's rating of the film Howl

    Not a deep movie, nor is it good in itself, but it really sticks to the non-pretentious plots set from the beginning, something so unlike for movies of this kind, which makes it worth watching and enjoyable (and makes me give it 4 stars instead of 2 for the originality and depth I would have normally given). Generally, a very catchy mockery piece and attractive animation scenes.

  24. Marina C.'s rating of the film Howl

    Ginsberg is an inspiration to me and I couldn't praise more James Franco's performance. The mix between him reciting Howl, his story, the interview, the trial and the animation are strange at first but capture brillantly the vivacity and great genius of this man.

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