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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jorge Negrete's rating of the film Hu-Man

    A first glimpse "under the skin" (2013)

  2. Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film Hu-Man

    8 - Watching this was one my all-time strangest filmic experiences. I was initially offput by and unimpressed with the filmmaking and handling of the plot, but the film handled its harder, meta-fuelled Lem-ian brand of sci-fi in service of societal critique so expertly that it became hard to discern what was intentional, what wasn't, and what was cut out of my version. It is incredibly unrefined, but it must be seen.

  3. El Biffo's rating of the film Hu-Man

    WOW. Mythical, mystical, legendary. It seems very few people have seen this masterpiece of avant-garde sci-fi, a work which stands with SOLARIS and WORLD ON A WIRE, and surpasses BLADE RUNNER or THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH. Although it stars Terence Stamp (THE COLLECTOR) with superstar Jeanne Moreau (and music by Eric Burdon of The Animals), it was only released in France, with 5 festival showings outside of France,

  4. Knut Morte's rating of the film Hu-Man

    I'd like to see dis MoFo, Terence is dah gangster