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  1. Photo of Brigitte Berman

    Brigitte Berman Director, Producer Editing

  2. Photo of Victor Solnicki

    Victor Solnicki Producer

  3. Photo of Peter Raymont

    Peter Raymont Producer

  4. Photo of James Mark Stewart

    James Mark Stewart Music

  5. Photo of Hugh Hefner

    Hugh Hefner Cast

  6. Photo of Gene Simmons

    Gene Simmons Cast

  7. Photo of Mike Wallace

    Mike Wallace Cast

  8. Photo of Jenny McCarthy

    Jenny McCarthy Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Vandentillaart

    Richard Vandentillaart Editing

  10. Photo of John Westheuser

    John Westheuser Cinematography

  11. Photo of Joan Baez

    Joan Baez Cast

  12. Photo of Pat Boone

    Pat Boone Cast

  13. Photo of Tony Bennett

    Tony Bennett Cast

  14. Photo of Jim Brown

    Jim Brown Cast

  15. Photo of James Caan

    James Caan Cast

  16. Photo of Dick Cavett

    Dick Cavett Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Culp

    Robert Culp Cast

  18. Photo of Tony Curtis

    Tony Curtis Cast

  19. Photo of Reverend Jesse Jackson

    Reverend Jesse Jackson Cast

  20. Photo of George Lucas

    George Lucas Cast

  21. Photo of Bill Maher

    Bill Maher Cast

  22. Photo of Pete Seeger

    Pete Seeger Cast

  23. Photo of Mary O'Connor

    Mary O'Connor Cast

  24. Photo of Dick Gregory

    Dick Gregory Cast

  25. Photo of David Steinberg

    David Steinberg Cast

  26. Photo of Shannon Tweed

    Shannon Tweed Cast