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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Hukkle

    Un film à voir entre deux hoquets, plutôt comme un intéressant exercice de style !

  2. misu's rating of the film Hukkle

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Hukkle

  4. qw0aszx's rating of the film Hukkle

    Best hiccup ever captured on film!

  5. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Hukkle

    Works well in a classroom context-- lessons in looking, throughout.

  6. matelot's rating of the film Hukkle

  7. Absentia's rating of the film Hukkle

  8. Tonia's rating of the film Hukkle

    I love this movie! I watched/analyzed it in class and it still goes to show that a good story can be told without dialogue and emotions can be manipulated (in a good way) as a viewer. Thank you so much for the brilliance.

  9. Stevie's rating of the film Hukkle

  10. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Hukkle

    Atractivo filme, en principio, encaminado a la asociación hombre/naturaleza. Palfi fabrica una serie de planos secuencia con una habilidad lúdica. Todo se contempla a la fascinación visual y sonora, hasta que de pronto algo rompe esa tranquilidad."Hukkle" cerca a la mitad se pasa de un género casi documental al thriller. De pronto el minimalismo es ultrajado por secuencias casi absurdas.Es un género casi experimental

  11. Thirdi Canggi's rating of the film Hukkle

    The opening scene will likely determine whether you will stay or not.

  12. Gondo's rating of the film Hukkle

    When a film is so focused on details and impressions it is quite hard to follow the narrative when it suddenly pops up. But the realization that there actually is one, is exiting nonetheless.

  13. captainbert's rating of the film Hukkle

    To be honest as per below i too didn't notice the loosely threaded plot as i was completely immersed in one of the most uniquely stunning cinematic experiences ive yet encountered. Tis a vastly unique feast of sonic wonderlands mixed with ants eye views wrapped up in hiccuping old men sat on benches. With not one word of dialogue this film really marvels at the amazingness of the ordinary wee things! Stunning!

  14. Nadin's rating of the film Hukkle

    I noticed the subplot quite late because I was immersed into a feeling of astonishment. Hukkle is another example for us not needing dialogue to enjoy a film. Time experience, characters and landscape can be just as satisfying.

  15. Diogo Baldaia's rating of the film Hukkle

    adormeci à primeira, vi à segunda abiones lá atrás

  16. Endless Eye's rating of the film Hukkle

    Beautifully shot, ambitiously conceived, and organically delivered in such a pleasing manner that you hardly notice there are no words spoken during the entire film. Hukkle takes us deep into a deceptively simple world driven by intricate attention to sound and detail.

  17. danliofer's rating of the film Hukkle

    A movie based on a hiccup where the words means less than sounds...