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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Person to Person

    I didn't think Person to Person amounted to much — at first. I thought I was watching some Alex Ross Perry thing, and honestly I haven't been in the mood for an Alex Ross Perry thing. Anyway, Person to Person is a delicate little movie full of small and simple treasures. Like Ben Rosenfield, who comes back to life after brutally being murdered by a hazy monster in Twin Peaks.

  2. C's rating of the film Person to Person

    too obvious, not funny enough, not sharp at all, so many awful lines, tries too hard for a warmness it doesn't achieve, too heavy a hand, too pleased with itself, too many men; the teen parts esp are so embarrassingly + poorly written, edging into insulting (to women/teen girls, people who like good writing); the journalists + jewelry store parts are ok when Cera isn't being made to make multiple throwaway rape jokes