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  1. Arijan's rating of the film Hunger

  2. sebekk's rating of the film Hunger

    Drastic (dehuminazing) times call for drastic (existential) measures

  3. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Hunger

    At the end of the day you wonder what happened to compassion. The elections of Reagan and Thatcher signaled a refusal by politicians to be seen as weak. The general consensus amongst conservatives was that the poor had been taking advantage of us. So Reagan ignored AIDS and freed the mentally ill. We still haven't had a compassionate leader. We let ourselves be ruled by fear mongers, war criminals, and the corrupt.

  4. João R's rating of the film Hunger

    Above all, its simplicity echoes the pain and violence here portrayed. The silence and the thick atmosphere were admirable compliments to the final striking hunger.

  5. Mx Nihil's rating of the film Hunger

    "Cos my life is a real life, not some theological exercise, some religious trick that's got fuck all to do with living. Jesus Christ had a backbone, but see them disciples, every disciple since, you're just jumping in and out of the rhetoric and dead-end semantics. You need the revolutionary, the political soldier, to give life a pulse, a direction..."

  6. tri ...'s rating of the film Hunger

    That dialoque with priest... I'm speechless.

  7. Yumi Kaioh's rating of the film Hunger

    it is a bad idea to keep on eating pizza while watching this. terrible idea.

  8. andretz's rating of the film Hunger

    steve mcqueen acaba de ganhar um novo fã.

  9. Shahin Katila's rating of the film Hunger

  10. Kevin's rating of the film Hunger

    Damn near perfect. Some seriously tough, heart-wrenching scenes, but some seriously beautiful ones too.

  11. Konrad Szlendak's rating of the film Hunger

    I think this is exceptional stuff with absolutely mind-boggling scenes and first rate creation by Fassbender. It might be his best role actually. I was fond of the visual notes here particularly.

  12. Trunfos's rating of the film Hunger

  13. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Hunger

    This happens in 1981/20th Century; Europe; Northern Ireland. You know what came into my mind immediately? 1775/18th Century; North America. The people were screaming: "To arms, to arms! The British are coming!" At last the Americans could get rid of the English red coats. Not so the Northern Irish People. 'The Troubles' never stopped, ethnic & sectarian separations still continue. Beyond belief, but ture.

  14. João Martins's rating of the film Hunger

    A big applause for this Michael Fassbender act, one of the most promising actors of his generation. A realistic and rigorous film about Bobby Sands and Margarette Thatcher.

  15. Finbar Somers's rating of the film Hunger

  16. alchimia's rating of the film Hunger

  17. Gabriele Pumo's rating of the film Hunger

    An incredibly raw and visceral film which achieves so much with so few words. McQueen and Fassbender = WOW.

  18. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Hunger

    I'm starving for this kind of cinema. The dialogue between Bobby and Father Dominic is probably one of the highs from the movie, but I felt it kind of broke the tenebrous pacing and the silent agony.

  19. sahandmohajer's rating of the film Hunger

    Steve McQueen's sensibility and attention to detail is one of a kind!! Further implemented by Fassbender's nuanced portrayal of Bobby Sands, the political figure receives the attention he deserves yet at the same time he is a small part of this film; calling Hunger 'the story of Bobby Sands' is reductive of what Hunger is. Skip the synopsis and delve right into this great work of art.

  20. songoflos's rating of the film Hunger

    There is no such thing as political murder, political bombing, political violence. There is only criminal murder, criminal bombing and criminal violence. There will be no political status.

  21. Chris's rating of the film Hunger

    steve mcqueen is really good at making me feel uncomfortable

  22. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Hunger

    A truly remarkable feat in cinema. McQueen is a master painter, creating so many emotions in the viewer without any unnecessary frills. Subtle, harrowing, poetic, deplorable, and majestic. He holds on shots beautifully, making you truly take in the moment and think about it to its very core. The fluidity of the composition is breathtaking and M.F. is at another level of the acting stratosphere. One of a kind.

  23. BernardoDiniz's rating of the film Hunger

  24. ammar's rating of the film Hunger

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