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  1. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Hunger

    The big problem is: No matter how good the script is (the dialogue between the prisoner and the priest is beautiful written and a cinematic pleasure) this kind of movie always becomes some sort of cliche. Small and fetid cells, rebellions, evil police, redemption.

  2. Ben's rating of the film Hunger

    A horrifying and moving film. Michael Fassbender is incredible. I was skeptical of so little dialogue in the beginning of the film, but it leads up to a final meeting between Bobby and his priest - perhaps one of the most powerful and thoughtful pieces of dialogue I’ve seen.

  3. David R Williams's rating of the film Hunger

    Harrowing. Horrifying. Disgusting. A graphic depiction of how the depths of man’s inhumanity to man can never find bottom. As true as a shit encrusted cell.

  4. Jennifer's rating of the film Hunger

    This movie doesn't tell you much about Bobby Sands or his hunger strike. It just comes off as high-end torture porn. Lots of thin, toned men getting the shite beaten out of them.

  5. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Hunger

    A nuanced meditation that manages to encapsulate brutality and suffering within a context of social and political violence while centering on the spiritual implications of individual will. It’s three part formal structure surrounding a single conversation is both brilliantly performed and ingenious.

  6.'s rating of the film Hunger

    i didnt personally enjoy this movie. there is a right and wrong way to try to change things,but a hunger strike isnt one of them. i think he did more harm than good because as result he ended up dying. it is also understood that there is only so much a person can do while in prison. sometime you have to think outside of the box in order to ensure you survive long enough to change.

  7. Troy Herscovici's rating of the film Hunger

    Kinda drawn out but it is still good. I thought it would be a little more violent counting on its about the IRA.

  8. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Hunger

  9. Malt Frisky's rating of the film Hunger

    Well I know why they have security in retirement homes now. There's barely any dialogue for the first 45 minutes and from then we have a long one on one conversation that explains all our questions on the horrific events we just witnessed and that's brilliant directing that's followed up by it's tragic statement at the end. Fassbender is excellent and showing off his acting range from the early point of his career.

  10. Kyle Bentley's rating of the film Hunger

    Steve Mcqueen paints quite a dark portrait of the 1981 hunger strike taking place in the Maze prison. Using lighting, camera work, and great acting, Mcqueen does an excellent job showing just how bleak and unforgivable the events that took place there were. Protagonist Bobby Sands (played by Michael Fassbender), leads the strike using any means necessary. The desperation of his character is portrayed eloquently.

  11. Daniel Lubitsky's rating of the film Hunger

    An extremely well directed and acted movie that can get very disturbing and shocking at some points. it has many long one takes and most of the story is told without the use of dialogue. However the characters in this movies dont get enough screen time to get fully developed. Many of their plot lines get dropped without reason and the focused is moved to a different character. But the movie still very well done.

  12. adamjaymorris's rating of the film Hunger

    Fassbender's starving body is an exquisite prop for the final scenes of the film. It's admirable method acting, and McQueen offers some stunning shots and sequences. But there's little character development. Perhaps that's befitting a film about a man who's already determined to die, but art needn't be so faithful to historical reality.

  13. Alexzander Reichley's rating of the film Hunger

    Great movie! Shows how a movie does not need a lot of dialogue to be great. It is a fascinating subject that we do not see a lot of now a days. The camerawork was excellent capturing every intense in brutal moment of his final days.

  14. Lucas Jordan's rating of the film Hunger

    We take a look back at Steve McQueen's fabulous debut with the help of known stars such as Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham. The film has amazing cinematography which goes along beautifully with the vision McQueen has to offer. The film flows with ease as all emotions going on throughout the are equally balanced throughout the drama. This movie tells its story through visuals instead of dialogue and it so well

  15. Fab S's rating of the film Hunger

    A pure masterpiece dealing with the hunger strike but also about the conditions that led to this drastic decision Brilliant scenes from the beginning till the end. An ode to humanity for prisoners

  16. Absentia's rating of the film Hunger

  17. ronny's rating of the film Hunger

  18. Aardsy's rating of the film Hunger

    God's going to punish me.

  19. cesar villanueva's rating of the film Hunger

    Bold performances, brutal storytelling, and beautiful camerawork thanks to Steve McQueen and Enda Walsh. McQueen's first feature-length film was stylistically realist as we follow an insider's perspective through a historically renowned political movement. Nothing about this film held back from the truth. The film displays a very emotional and physical performance from everyone involved.

  20. Tyler Tripp's rating of the film Hunger

    McQueen's first feature encompasses numerous creative flourishes that cements the auteur as an artist worth his salt in creativity, and worthy of a blank check from Hollywood. Why he hasn't been given the same opportunity in Hollywood as opposed to the hundreds of independent filmmakers that get to cut their teeth on a blockbuster with their sophomore feature, will always remain a mystery to me.

  21. Tom's rating of the film Hunger

    Intense and riveting. Should have won the Academy Award for best picture, best actor and a few other best's. I've never used "brilliant" for any film but this one deserved all the other awards it garnered. BRILLIANT!

  22. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Hunger

    A glass-eyed depiction of brutality and suffering that, without much political context or background information, is little more than raw meat neatly laid out on a slab. And there’s the problem. McQueen belies his conceptual art background with a singular insistence on a permanent observer status that floors many a white-box art installation. In the absence of context it just become depictions of human disfunction.

  23. Psycoteraphy's rating of the film Hunger

  24. lou.'s rating of the film Hunger

    Despite my difficulties, regarding physical and emotional pain and the dreadful'ob-scene' violence, after a long time – I've watched it twice. And I still consider it one of the cruellest and emotionally engaging films and I've ever seen. Screenplay and cinematography are stunning; not to mention Fassbender's performance: incredible, definitely outstanding. ❤

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