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  1. Photo of Taika Waititi

    Taika Waititi Director

  2. Photo of Barry Crump

    Barry Crump Novel

  3. Photo of Taika Waititi

    Taika Waititi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Charlie McClellan

    Charlie McClellan Executive Producer

  5. Photo of James Wallace

    James Wallace Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Carthew Neal

    Carthew Neal Producer

  7. Photo of Matt Noonan

    Matt Noonan Producer

  8. Photo of Leanne Saunders

    Leanne Saunders Producer

  9. Photo of Taika Waititi

    Taika Waititi Producer

  10. Photo of Lukasz Buda

    Lukasz Buda Music

  11. Photo of Samuel Scott

    Samuel Scott Music

  12. Photo of Conrad Wedde

    Conrad Wedde Music

  13. Photo of Lachlan Milne

    Lachlan Milne Cinematography

  14. Photo of Tom Eagles

    Tom Eagles Editing

  15. Photo of Yana Gorskaya

    Yana Gorskaya Editing

  16. Photo of Luke Haigh

    Luke Haigh Editing

  17. Photo of Neville Stevenson

    Neville Stevenson Production Design

  18. Photo of Kristin Seth

    Kristin Seth Costume Design

  19. Photo of Jon Lithgow

    Jon Lithgow Art Department

  20. Photo of Sam Neill

    Sam Neill Cast

  21. Photo of Rhys Darby

    Rhys Darby Cast

  22. Photo of Cohen Holloway

    Cohen Holloway Cast

  23. Photo of Julian Dennison

    Julian Dennison Cast

  24. Photo of Taika Waititi

    Taika Waititi Cast

  25. Photo of Rima Te Wiata

    Rima Te Wiata Cast

  26. Photo of Rachel House

    Rachel House Cast

  27. Photo of Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne

    Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne Cast

  28. Photo of Oscar Kightley

    Oscar Kightley Cast

  29. Photo of Stan Walker

    Stan Walker Cast

  30. Photo of Mike Minogue

    Mike Minogue Cast