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  1. Photo of Barry Crane

    Barry Crane Director

  2. Photo of Bruce Bilson

    Bruce Bilson Director

  3. Photo of Gerald Mayer

    Gerald Mayer Director

  4. Photo of Harry Falk

    Harry Falk Director

  5. Photo of Robert Douglas

    Robert Douglas Director

  6. Photo of Tom Gries

    Tom Gries Director and Producer

  7. Photo of Reza Badiyi

    Reza Badiyi Director

  8. Photo of Harvey S. Laidman

    Harvey S. Laidman Director

  9. Photo of Lawrence Dobkin

    Lawrence Dobkin Director

  10. Photo of Gary Nelson

    Gary Nelson Director

  11. Photo of William Blinn

    William Blinn Screenplay

  12. Photo of Brian Cassidy

    Brian Cassidy Screenplay

  13. Photo of David Karp

    David Karp Screenplay

  14. Photo of George Bellak

    George Bellak Screenplay

  15. Photo of Seth Freeman

    Seth Freeman Screenplay

  16. Photo of Gregory S. Dinallo

    Gregory S. Dinallo Screenplay

  17. Photo of Jerry de Bono

    Jerry de Bono Screenplay

  18. Photo of Bruce Henstell

    Bruce Henstell Screenplay

  19. Photo of Bryan Gindoff

    Bryan Gindoff Screenplay

  20. Photo of Parke Perine

    Parke Perine Screenplay

  21. Photo of Adrian Spies

    Adrian Spies Screenplay

  22. Photo of James Franciscus

    James Franciscus Cast

  23. Photo of Linda Evans

    Linda Evans Cast

  24. Photo of Ralph Bellamy

    Ralph Bellamy Cast

  25. Photo of Fred Jackman Jr.

    Fred Jackman Jr. Cinematography

  26. Photo of Richard Shores

    Richard Shores Music

  27. Photo of Christopher Morgan

    Christopher Morgan Producer

  28. Photo of David Gerber

    David Gerber Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Lee Rich

    Lee Rich Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Philip Capice

    Philip Capice Executive Producer

  31. Photo of David Blangsted

    David Blangsted Editing