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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Hunter Gatherer

    People need to watch this. Andre Royo is a revelation and Joshua Locy needs to be working more. This shoestring budgeted dramedy hits all the right notes and you can't help but be drawn to it. It is weird that the film has a sweet flow and Ashley feels like a quirky optmisitc guy when he is in fact a delisusional creep of the highest order, but it only adds to a memorably odd but realistic experience.

  2. sahandmohajer's rating of the film Hunter Gatherer

    this fantastic film caught me by surprise! The main character and his buddy complete each other on so many levels in the plot. Together they form an idiosyncratic modern sisyphus, hauling fridges up and hopefully out of their mountain of misfortunes.