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  1. Photo of Jonathan Mostow

    Jonathan Mostow Director

  2. Photo of Duncan Reid

    Duncan Reid Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Gavin Poolman

    Gavin Poolman Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jack L. Murray

    Jack L. Murray Executive Producer

  5. Photo of David Minkowski

    David Minkowski Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Ildiko Kemeny

    Ildiko Kemeny Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Hugo Heppell

    Hugo Heppell Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Andrew Boswell

    Andrew Boswell Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Devin Andre

    Devin Andre Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Tove Christensen

    Tove Christensen Producer

  11. Photo of James Costas

    James Costas Producer

  12. Photo of Paul Leyden

    Paul Leyden Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Navid McIlhargey

    Navid McIlhargey Producer

  14. Photo of Christopher Milburn

    Christopher Milburn Producer

  15. Photo of Anthony Rhulen

    Anthony Rhulen Producer

  16. Photo of Paul Rock

    Paul Rock Producer

  17. Photo of John Schwarz

    John Schwarz Producer

  18. Photo of Michael Schwarz

    Michael Schwarz Producer

  19. Photo of Michael Wexler

    Michael Wexler Producer

  20. Photo of Kevin Wignall

    Kevin Wignall Screenplay

  21. Photo of José David Montero

    José David Montero Cinematography

  22. Photo of Odeya Rush

    Odeya Rush Cast

  23. Photo of Verónica Echegui

    Verónica Echegui Cast

  24. Photo of Martin Compston

    Martin Compston Cast

  25. Photo of Dean Jagger

    Dean Jagger Cast

  26. Photo of Amy Landecker

    Amy Landecker Cast

  27. Photo of Allen Leech

    Allen Leech Cast

  28. Photo of Ken Blackwell

    Ken Blackwell Editing

  29. Photo of Tomas Voth

    Tomas Voth Production Design

  30. Photo of Federico Jusid

    Federico Jusid Music

  31. Photo of Aitor Berenguer

    Aitor Berenguer Sound

  32. Photo of Kata Horváth

    Kata Horváth Costume Design

  33. Photo of Sam Worthington

    Sam Worthington Producer and Cast