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  1. Photo of Robert Tronson

    Robert Tronson Director

  2. Photo of John Cooper

    John Cooper Director and Producer

  3. Photo of Ron Francis

    Ron Francis Director

  4. Photo of Hugh Munro

    Hugh Munro Director

  5. Photo of Tony Wharmby

    Tony Wharmby Director

  6. Photo of Desmond McCarthy

    Desmond McCarthy Director

  7. Photo of Gareth Davies

    Gareth Davies Director

  8. Photo of Malcolm Taylor

    Malcolm Taylor Director

  9. Photo of Victor Menzies

    Victor Menzies Director

  10. Photo of Richard Bramall

    Richard Bramall Director

  11. Photo of John Nelson-Burton

    John Nelson-Burton Director

  12. Photo of Peter Jefferies

    Peter Jefferies Director

  13. Photo of Richard Harris

    Richard Harris Screenplay

  14. Photo of Nicholas Palmer

    Nicholas Palmer Screenplay

  15. Photo of P.J. Hammond

    P.J. Hammond Screenplay

  16. Photo of James Doran

    James Doran Screenplay

  17. Photo of Ted Willis

    Ted Willis Screenplay

  18. Photo of Bill Barron

    Bill Barron Screenplay

  19. Photo of Leslie Duxbury

    Leslie Duxbury Screenplay

  20. Photo of Roger Ormerod

    Roger Ormerod Screenplay

  21. Photo of Bob Baker

    Bob Baker Screenplay

  22. Photo of Dave Martin

    Dave Martin Screenplay

  23. Photo of Brian Finch

    Brian Finch Screenplay

  24. Photo of Peter Hill

    Peter Hill Screenplay

  25. Photo of Tony Hoare

    Tony Hoare Screenplay

  26. Photo of Jack Ronder

    Jack Ronder Screenplay

  27. Photo of Roger Marshall

    Roger Marshall Screenplay

  28. Photo of Ewan Hooper

    Ewan Hooper Cast

  29. Photo of Davyd Harries

    Davyd Harries Cast

  30. Photo of David Simeon

    David Simeon Cast

  31. Photo of Duncan Preston

    Duncan Preston Cast

  32. Photo of Charles Rea

    Charles Rea Cast

  33. Photo of Derek Scott

    Derek Scott Music

  34. Photo of Gerry Roberts

    Gerry Roberts Production Design

  35. Photo of Ken Wheatley

    Ken Wheatley Production Design

  36. Photo of Trevor Paterson

    Trevor Paterson Production Design

  37. Photo of Roger Allan

    Roger Allan Production Design

  38. Photo of Colin Andrews

    Colin Andrews Production Design

  39. Photo of John Newton Clarke

    John Newton Clarke Production Design

  40. Photo of Ray White

    Ray White Production Design

  41. Photo of Michael Eve

    Michael Eve Production Design

  42. Photo of Richard Lake

    Richard Lake Production Design

  43. Photo of David Chandler

    David Chandler Production Design

  44. Photo of Michael Bramhall

    Michael Bramhall Production Design

  45. Photo of Don Fisher

    Don Fisher Production Design