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  1. Photo of Knut Andersen

    Knut Andersen Director

  2. Photo of Sigbjørn Hølmebakk

    Sigbjørn Hølmebakk Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arve Opsahl

    Arve Opsahl Cast

  4. Photo of Aud Schønemann

    Aud Schønemann Cast

  5. Photo of Wenche Sandnæs

    Wenche Sandnæs Cast

  6. Photo of Kristine Reymert

    Kristine Reymert Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Reymert

    Peter Reymert Cast

  8. Photo of Agnete Reymert

    Agnete Reymert Cast

  9. Photo of Gard Øyen

    Gard Øyen Cast

  10. Photo of Rolv Wesenlund

    Rolv Wesenlund Cast

  11. Photo of Randi Kolstad

    Randi Kolstad Cast

  12. Photo of Kaare Zachariassen

    Kaare Zachariassen Cast

  13. Photo of Elsa Lystad

    Elsa Lystad Cast

  14. Photo of Carsten Byhring

    Carsten Byhring Cast

  15. Photo of Kari Diesen

    Kari Diesen Cast

  16. Photo of Tore Foss

    Tore Foss Cast

  17. Photo of Rolf Sand

    Rolf Sand Cast

  18. Photo of Bernt Erik Larssen

    Bernt Erik Larssen Cast

  19. Photo of Hans Stormoen

    Hans Stormoen Cast

  20. Photo of Ottar Wicklund

    Ottar Wicklund Cast

  21. Photo of Egil Monn-Iversen

    Egil Monn-Iversen Music

  22. Photo of Mattis Mathiesen

    Mattis Mathiesen Cinematography

  23. Photo of Mette Lange-Nielsen

    Mette Lange-Nielsen Costume Design

  24. Photo of Knut Andersen

    Knut Andersen Editing

  25. Photo of Knut Bohwim

    Knut Bohwim Production Design