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  1. Photo of J. Lee Thompson

    J. Lee Thompson Director

  2. Photo of Jay Dratler

    Jay Dratler Screenplay

  3. Photo of George Froeschel

    George Froeschel Screenplay

  4. Photo of H.W. John

    H.W. John Screenplay

  5. Photo of Udo Wolter

    Udo Wolter Screenplay

  6. Photo of Curd Jürgens

    Curd Jürgens Cast

  7. Photo of Victoria Shaw

    Victoria Shaw Cast

  8. Photo of Herbert Lom

    Herbert Lom Cast

  9. Photo of Gia Scala

    Gia Scala Cast

  10. Photo of James Daly

    James Daly Cast

  11. Photo of Adrian Hoven

    Adrian Hoven Cast

  12. Photo of Gerard Heinz

    Gerard Heinz Cast

  13. Photo of Karel Stepanek

    Karel Stepanek Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Capell

    Peter Capell Cast

  15. Photo of Hayden Rorke

    Hayden Rorke Cast

  16. Photo of Austin Willis

    Austin Willis Cast

  17. Photo of Alan Gifford

    Alan Gifford Cast

  18. Photo of Helmo Kindermann

    Helmo Kindermann Cast

  19. Photo of Lea Seidl

    Lea Seidl Cast

  20. Photo of John Crawford

    John Crawford Cast

  21. Photo of Wilkie Cooper

    Wilkie Cooper Cinematography

  22. Photo of Laurie Johnson

    Laurie Johnson Music

  23. Photo of Hans Berthel

    Hans Berthel Production Design

  24. Photo of Charles H. Schneer

    Charles H. Schneer Producer

  25. Photo of Frederick Wilson

    Frederick Wilson Editing