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  1. Photo of Vilgot Sjöman

    Vilgot Sjöman Screenplay, Director Cast

  2. Photo of Lena Nyman

    Lena Nyman Cast and Music

  3. Photo of Börje Ahlstedt

    Börje Ahlstedt Cast

  4. Photo of Marie Göranzon

    Marie Göranzon Cast

  5. Photo of Hans Hellberg

    Hans Hellberg Cast

  6. Photo of Bim Warne

    Bim Warne Cast

  7. Photo of Gunnel Broström

    Gunnel Broström Cast

  8. Photo of Gudrun Östbye

    Gudrun Östbye Cast

  9. Photo of Sonja Lindgren

    Sonja Lindgren Cast and Music

  10. Photo of Peter Lindgren

    Peter Lindgren Cast

  11. Photo of Ulla Lyttkens

    Ulla Lyttkens Cast

  12. Photo of Magnus Nilsson

    Magnus Nilsson Cast

  13. Photo of Gun Jönsson

    Gun Jönsson Cast

  14. Photo of Frej Lindqvist

    Frej Lindqvist Cast

  15. Photo of Bo Holmström

    Bo Holmström Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Wester

    Peter Wester Cinematography

  17. Photo of Andreas Bellis

    Andreas Bellis Cinematography

  18. Photo of Bengt Ernryd

    Bengt Ernryd Music

  19. Photo of Jules Sylvain

    Jules Sylvain Music

  20. Photo of Ludwig van Beethoven

    Ludwig van Beethoven Music

  21. Photo of Bengt Palmers

    Bengt Palmers Music

  22. Photo of Gösta Stevens

    Gösta Stevens Lyrics

  23. Photo of Göran Lindgren

    Göran Lindgren Producer

  24. Photo of Lena Malmsjö

    Lena Malmsjö Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Wic Kjellin

    Wic Kjellin Editing

  26. Photo of Carl-Olov Skeppstedt

    Carl-Olov Skeppstedt Editing

  27. Photo of Tage Sjöberg

    Tage Sjöberg Sound

  28. Photo of Olle Jacobsson

    Olle Jacobsson Sound

  29. Photo of Thomas Holéwa

    Thomas Holéwa Sound