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  1. Richmond Hill's rating of the film I Am Divine

    Another trip around a familiar block. Always welcome as a subject - Divine's melding of hilarity, bravado and underlying sensitivity never fails - but marred somewhat by attention deficit editing and creeping digression. Nevertheless Schwarz's documentary work on pop ephemera icons always plays fair with his subjects and that's true enough here with some decent archival work despite the sense of deja vu.

  2. James Mackin's rating of the film I Am Divine

    Entertaining, an interesting look into Divine's personal life, and all the footage of Harris Glenn Milstead is a pleasant surprise. I also really liked they examined her as a gay icon, and a disco star, than just a Dreamlander.

  3. misu's rating of the film I Am Divine

  4. Bruno Pereti's rating of the film I Am Divine

    The movie doesn't reach Divine.

  5. mjgildea's rating of the film I Am Divine

    Not a bad documentary, but like many just decent documentaries it made me wish I was enjoying the subject's work instead. Regardless, it was interesting.

  6. Amateur View's rating of the film I Am Divine

    "How could anyone be filthier than Divine?!"

  7. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film I Am Divine

    “I Am Divine” was entertaining without being outstanding, featuring a person who could never pass as ‘normal’.

  8. msmichel's rating of the film I Am Divine

    In 1998 Steve Yeagher made a wonderful film called 'Divine Trash' that looked at the careers of John Waters and his leading lady Divine. It was a rich film that dug deep into the Baltimore scene and their shared legacy. Unfortunately this film does not share those traits. The television style biopic production values and superficial commentary and rememberances do no justice to the legend that is Divine. Too bad.