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  1. tabsz's rating of the film I Am Michael

  2. João Martins's rating of the film I Am Michael

    We may think that it's not possible to be a former advocate for gay rights, but Michael Glatze is the living proof of it. After "King Cobra", Justin Kelly's work gets more serious. He points out every important aspect of Michael's story and impact on society but without any special ingredient for it.

  3. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film I Am Michael

    Franco's interesting performance is done a disservice by the weak storyline surrounding him.

  4. jessetaylor's rating of the film I Am Michael

    This was just not good. I had high hopes because the subject is interesting, but I never could stop wondering throughout watching this why it wasn't made as a documentary. At its best, I Am Michael reaches great depths of humanity, but this only happens in a few scenes. The rest of it is sloppily assembled and quite amateurishly written - those intertitles and that narration were especially infuriating.

  5. mrpasquali's rating of the film I Am Michael

    It really made me think of my own experiences with a Catholic psychologist when I was struggling with my sexual orientation in my teenage years. I think the main theme of this movie is: what happens when a person cannot surrender to the mistery of life and is very fearful of not having answers. In that moment answers like Michael's may appear as a meaningful option to shut up the sorrows of a meaningless existence.

  6. Aaken's rating of the film I Am Michael

    With such a subject, it would be easy to fall into the trap of Manichaeism. James Franco gives a nuanced portrayal of a man torn between his gay activist life and his new found discovery of God. But stylishly, it hardly looks more than a TV biopic, and the uninspired score from Scissor Sister's Jake Shears doesn't help. In the end, one wonders whom the film is actually addressed to.