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  1. Photo of D.J. Caruso

    D.J. Caruso Director

  2. Photo of Alfred Gough

    Alfred Gough Screenplay

  3. Photo of Miles Millar

    Miles Millar Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marti Noxon

    Marti Noxon Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alex Pettyfer

    Alex Pettyfer Cast

  6. Photo of Timothy Olyphant

    Timothy Olyphant Cast

  7. Photo of Teresa Palmer

    Teresa Palmer Cast

  8. Photo of Dianna Agron

    Dianna Agron Cast

  9. Photo of Callan McAuliffe

    Callan McAuliffe Cast

  10. Photo of Kevin Durand

    Kevin Durand Cast

  11. Photo of Jake Abel

    Jake Abel Cast

  12. Photo of Jeff Hochendoner

    Jeff Hochendoner Cast

  13. Photo of Patrick Sebes

    Patrick Sebes Cast

  14. Photo of Greg Townley

    Greg Townley Cast

  15. Photo of Reuben Langdon

    Reuben Langdon Cast

  16. Photo of Emily Wickersham

    Emily Wickersham Cast

  17. Photo of Molly McGinnis

    Molly McGinnis Cast

  18. Photo of Brian Howe

    Brian Howe Cast

  19. Photo of Guillermo Navarro

    Guillermo Navarro Cinematography

  20. Photo of Trevor Rabin

    Trevor Rabin Music

  21. Photo of Michael Bay

    Michael Bay Producer

  22. Photo of Chris Bender

    Chris Bender Producer

  23. Photo of J.C. Spink

    J.C. Spink Producer

  24. Photo of David Valdes

    David Valdes Producer

  25. Photo of Vince Filippone

    Vince Filippone Editing

  26. Photo of Jim Page

    Jim Page Editing