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  1. Photo of Jeff Tweedy

    Jeff Tweedy Cast

  2. Photo of Jay Bennett

    Jay Bennett Cast

  3. Photo of John Stirratt

    John Stirratt Cast

  4. Photo of Leroy Bach

    Leroy Bach Cast

  5. Photo of Glenn Kotche Tony Margherita

    Glenn Kotche Tony Margherita Cast

  6. Photo of Greg Kot

    Greg Kot Cast

  7. Photo of David Fricke

    David Fricke Cast

  8. Photo of Howie Klein

    Howie Klein Cast

  9. Photo of Bill Bentley Josh Grier

    Bill Bentley Josh Grier Cast

  10. Photo of David Bither

    David Bither Cast

  11. Photo of Chris Brickley

    Chris Brickley Cast

  12. Photo of Jonathan Parker

    Jonathan Parker Cast

  13. Photo of Erin Nordstrom

    Erin Nordstrom Editing

  14. Photo of Wilco

    Wilco Music

  15. Photo of Peter Abraham

    Peter Abraham Producer

  16. Photo of Albert Berger

    Albert Berger Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Noah Cowan

    Noah Cowan Producer

  18. Photo of Russell Curtis

    Russell Curtis Producer

  19. Photo of Gary Hustwit

    Gary Hustwit Producer

  20. Photo of John Vanco

    John Vanco Producer

  21. Photo of Kristy Wilson-Kessler

    Kristy Wilson-Kessler Producer

  22. Photo of Ron Yerxa

    Ron Yerxa Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Matthew Clark

    Matthew Clark Cinematography

  24. Photo of Paul Hughen

    Paul Hughen Cinematography

  25. Photo of Joe Kessler

    Joe Kessler Cinematography

  26. Photo of Dan Larkin

    Dan Larkin Cinematography

  27. Photo of Jim Matlosz

    Jim Matlosz Cinematography

  28. Photo of Keith Pokorski

    Keith Pokorski Cinematography

  29. Photo of David Rudd

    David Rudd Cinematography

  30. Photo of Alan Thatcher

    Alan Thatcher Cinematography

  31. Photo of Matthew J. Curry

    Matthew J. Curry Cinematography

  32. Photo of Dave Colitre

    Dave Colitre Cinematography

  33. Photo of Sam Jones

    Sam Jones Director, Cinematography Producer