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  1. noice's rating of the film I Am Twenty

  2. howdoplaneswork's rating of the film I Am Twenty

    makes you wonder about how fast life goes by. didn't leave a stunning impression, but it's worth watching.

  3. Bogdan Liviu's rating of the film I Am Twenty

    What I loved the most were the scenes in which we "see" the seductive melancholy of an empty street at night. Those kind of images will never cease to fascinate me.

  4. José Neves's rating of the film I Am Twenty

    “Zastava Ilyicha” / “The Ilyich Gate”. Originally filmed with this title in 1962, was re-cut by censorship orders and released in 1964 as “Mne Dvatdsat Let” / “I'm Twenty”. Re-released in its original footage, restored in 1991, i saw it some years ago at Cinemateca, in a retrospective of films liberated by Perestroika, and since then never forgotten. The censured version It's in this year's Lisbon Estoril FilmFest.