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  1. Photo of Henri Decoin

    Henri Decoin Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Bénard

    Pierre Bénard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernand Crommelynck

    Fernand Crommelynck Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marcel Rivet

    Marcel Rivet Screenplay

  5. Photo of Yvonne Printemps

    Yvonne Printemps Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre Fresnay

    Pierre Fresnay Cast

  7. Photo of Jacques Louvigny

    Jacques Louvigny Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Meyer

    Jean Meyer Cast

  9. Photo of Palau

    Palau Cast

  10. Photo of Luce Fabiole

    Luce Fabiole Cast

  11. Photo of Denise Benoît

    Denise Benoît Cast

  12. Photo of André Valmy

    André Valmy Cast

  13. Photo of Guita Karen

    Guita Karen Cast

  14. Photo of André Varennes

    André Varennes Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Le Fort

    Robert Le Fort Cast

  16. Photo of Annette Poivre

    Annette Poivre Cast

  17. Photo of Henry Prestat

    Henry Prestat Cast

  18. Photo of Henri de Livry

    Henri de Livry Cast

  19. Photo of Paulette Dubost

    Paulette Dubost Cast

  20. Photo of Bernard Blier

    Bernard Blier Cast

  21. Photo of Nicolas Hayer

    Nicolas Hayer Cinematography

  22. Photo of René Sylviano

    René Sylviano Music

  23. Photo of Lucien Aguettand

    Lucien Aguettand Production Design

  24. Photo of Raymond Borderie

    Raymond Borderie Producer

  25. Photo of Adrien Remaugé

    Adrien Remaugé Producer

  26. Photo of Charles Bretoneiche

    Charles Bretoneiche Editing

  27. Photo of Maurice Carrouet

    Maurice Carrouet Sound