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  1. Photo of Henri Verneuil

    Henri Verneuil Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Didier Decoin

    Didier Decoin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yves Montand

    Yves Montand Cast

  4. Photo of Michel Albertini

    Michel Albertini Cast

  5. Photo of Roland Amstutz

    Roland Amstutz Cast

  6. Photo of Gabriel Cattand

    Gabriel Cattand Cast

  7. Photo of Edmond Bernard

    Edmond Bernard Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Pierre Bagot

    Jean-Pierre Bagot Cast

  9. Photo of Georges Beller

    Georges Beller Cast

  10. Photo of Maurice Bénichou

    Maurice Bénichou Cast

  11. Photo of Françoise Bette

    Françoise Bette Cast

  12. Photo of Roland Blanche

    Roland Blanche Cast

  13. Photo of Jacques Denis

    Jacques Denis Cast

  14. Photo of Nanette Corey

    Nanette Corey Cast

  15. Photo of Thierry Dewavrin

    Thierry Dewavrin Cast

  16. Photo of Michel Etcheverry

    Michel Etcheverry Cast

  17. Photo of Joséphine Fresson

    Joséphine Fresson Cast

  18. Photo of Jean-François Garreaud

    Jean-François Garreaud Cast

  19. Photo of Jean-Claude Jay

    Jean-Claude Jay Cast

  20. Photo of Brigitte Lahaie

    Brigitte Lahaie Cast

  21. Photo of Daniel Léger

    Daniel Léger Cast

  22. Photo of Jean Lescot

    Jean Lescot Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Leuvrais

    Jean Leuvrais Cast

  24. Photo of Gérard Lorin

    Gérard Lorin Cast

  25. Photo of Louis Navarre

    Louis Navarre Cast

  26. Photo of Jean Négroni

    Jean Négroni Cast

  27. Photo of Roger Planchon

    Roger Planchon Cast

  28. Photo of André Falcon

    André Falcon Cast

  29. Photo of Jean-Louis Picavet

    Jean-Louis Picavet Cinematography

  30. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  31. Photo of Jacques Saulnier

    Jacques Saulnier Production Design

  32. Photo of Henri Lanoë

    Henri Lanoë Editing