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  1. Photo of Francesco Massaro

    Francesco Massaro Director

  2. Photo of Galliano Juso

    Galliano Juso Producer

  3. Photo of Tusco Narcisi

    Tusco Narcisi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Agostino Vinaldi

    Agostino Vinaldi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Daniele D'Annunzio

    Daniele D'Annunzio Cinematography

  6. Photo of Donatella Damiani

    Donatella Damiani Cast

  7. Photo of Nando Paone

    Nando Paone Cast

  8. Photo of Diego Abatantuono

    Diego Abatantuono Cast

  9. Photo of Giorgio Bracardi

    Giorgio Bracardi Cast

  10. Photo of Leo Gullotta

    Leo Gullotta Cast

  11. Photo of Ennio Antonelli

    Ennio Antonelli Cast

  12. Photo of Renzo Montagnani

    Renzo Montagnani Cast

  13. Photo of Bombolo

    Bombolo Cast

  14. Photo of Anna Galiena

    Anna Galiena Cast

  15. Photo of Carlo Monni

    Carlo Monni Cast

  16. Photo of Lucio Montanaro

    Lucio Montanaro Cast

  17. Photo of Simona Marchini

    Simona Marchini Cast

  18. Photo of Sergio Di Pinto

    Sergio Di Pinto Cast

  19. Photo of Andy Luotto

    Andy Luotto Cast

  20. Photo of Mario Marenco

    Mario Marenco Cast

  21. Photo of Daniele Alabiso

    Daniele Alabiso Editing

  22. Photo of Giancarlo Chiaramello

    Giancarlo Chiaramello Music