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  1. Photo of Guido Stagnaro

    Guido Stagnaro Director

  2. Photo of Umberto Simonetta

    Umberto Simonetta Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gian Fabio Bosco (Gian)

    Gian Fabio Bosco (Gian) Cast

  4. Photo of Serena Cantalupi

    Serena Cantalupi Cast

  5. Photo of Georgia Cavazzano

    Georgia Cavazzano Cast

  6. Photo of Luca Sandri

    Luca Sandri Cast

  7. Photo of Guia Jelo

    Guia Jelo Cast

  8. Photo of Niccolò Della Bona

    Niccolò Della Bona Cast

  9. Photo of Giampiero Bianchi

    Giampiero Bianchi Cast

  10. Photo of Franco Godi

    Franco Godi Music

  11. Photo of Claudio M. Riccardi

    Claudio M. Riccardi Producer

  12. Photo of Paolo Alberti

    Paolo Alberti Editing