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  1. Photo of Peter Frye

    Peter Frye Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aharon Meged

    Aharon Meged Play

  3. Photo of Batya Lancet

    Batya Lancet Cast

  4. Photo of Gideon Singer

    Gideon Singer Cast

  5. Photo of Zeev Berlinsky

    Zeev Berlinsky Cast

  6. Photo of Ilana Rovina

    Ilana Rovina Cast

  7. Photo of Meira Shor

    Meira Shor Cast

  8. Photo of Seymour Gitin

    Seymour Gitin Cast

  9. Photo of Topol

    Topol Cast

  10. Photo of Geula Nuni

    Geula Nuni Cast

  11. Photo of Avner Hizkiyahu

    Avner Hizkiyahu Cast

  12. Photo of Nissim Leon

    Nissim Leon Cinematography

  13. Photo of Gary Bertini

    Gary Bertini Music

  14. Photo of Arie Levanon

    Arie Levanon Music

  15. Photo of Yitzhak Agadati

    Yitzhak Agadati Producer

  16. Photo of Mordecai Navon

    Mordecai Navon Producer

  17. Photo of Ya'akov Shteiner

    Ya'akov Shteiner Producer

  18. Photo of Nellie Gilad

    Nellie Gilad Editing