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  1. Photo of W.S. Van Dyke

    W.S. Van Dyke Director

  2. Photo of Octavus Roy Cohen

    Octavus Roy Cohen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leon Gordon

    Leon Gordon Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maurine Dallas Watkins

    Maurine Dallas Watkins Screenplay

  5. Photo of Charles Lederer

    Charles Lederer Screenplay

  6. Photo of George Oppenheimer

    George Oppenheimer Screenplay

  7. Photo of Harry Kurnitz

    Harry Kurnitz Screenplay

  8. Photo of William Powell

    William Powell Cast

  9. Photo of Myrna Loy

    Myrna Loy Cast

  10. Photo of Frank McHugh

    Frank McHugh Cast

  11. Photo of Edmund Lowe

    Edmund Lowe Cast

  12. Photo of Donald Douglas

    Donald Douglas Cast

  13. Photo of Nella Walker

    Nella Walker Cast

  14. Photo of Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer

    Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer Cast

  15. Photo of Pierre Watkin

    Pierre Watkin Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Stanton

    Paul Stanton Cast

  17. Photo of Morgan Wallace

    Morgan Wallace Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Arnt

    Charles Arnt Cast

  19. Photo of Franz Waxman

    Franz Waxman Music

  20. Photo of Lawrence Weingarten

    Lawrence Weingarten Producer

  21. Photo of Oliver T. Marsh

    Oliver T. Marsh Editing

  22. Photo of Gene Ruggiero

    Gene Ruggiero Editing

  23. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound

  24. Photo of Dolly Tree

    Dolly Tree Costume Design