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  1. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Edward L. Alperson

    Edward L. Alperson Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Gene Corman

    Gene Corman Producer

  4. Photo of Joseph Hilton Smyth

    Joseph Hilton Smyth Screenplay

  5. Photo of Steve Fisher

    Steve Fisher Screenplay

  6. Photo of Floyd Crosby

    Floyd Crosby Cinematography

  7. Photo of Steve Cochran

    Steve Cochran Cast

  8. Photo of Lita Milan

    Lita Milan Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Strauss

    Robert Strauss Cast

  10. Photo of Celia Lovsky

    Celia Lovsky Cast

  11. Photo of Lili St. Cyr

    Lili St. Cyr Cast

  12. Photo of John Brinkley

    John Brinkley Cast

  13. Photo of Grant Withers

    Grant Withers Cast

  14. Photo of Yvette Vickers

    Yvette Vickers Cast

  15. Photo of Frank Gerstle

    Frank Gerstle Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Shayne

    Robert Shayne Cast

  17. Photo of Wally Cassell

    Wally Cassell Cast

  18. Photo of Jeri Southern

    Jeri Southern Cast

  19. Photo of William B. Murphy

    William B. Murphy Editing

  20. Photo of Edward L. Alperson Jr.

    Edward L. Alperson Jr. Music

  21. Photo of Gerald Fried

    Gerald Fried Music

  22. Photo of Philip Mitchell

    Philip Mitchell Sound

  23. Photo of Marjorie Corso

    Marjorie Corso Costume Design