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  1. case/y's rating of the film I, Olga

    anyone reminded of valerie solanas?

  2. symisz-licht's rating of the film I, Olga

    Subtle black and white for a subtle history of Rage.

  3. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film I, Olga

    Concebido inicialmente como un documental, el film busca adentrarse en la tortuosa personalidad de la protagonista, mediante una gélida mirada critica hacía una sociedad capaz de engendrar monstruos, resultando esenciales para ello los aportes de la lente en blanco y negro de Adam Sikora y la brillante actuación de Michalina Olszanska en el papel de la jóven asesina, en el cuál luce tan sugestiva como aterradora.

  4. Taufiq Hariyadi's rating of the film I, Olga

  5. briggsy's rating of the film I, Olga

    A troubling film which questions the very notion of crime and judgment.

  6. Hodek Van Mealstrom's rating of the film I, Olga

    Perhaps some scenes could just be omitted, they just are useless.

  7. letters never sent's rating of the film I, Olga

    2.5 This is something I should have liked but I didn't. The story is interesting but with a poorly written script and bad pacing, it just turned out quite dull. It's hard to empathise with Olga even if I can actually relate to some of her cynical sentiments about society and human. Something off with the acting, like she is too conscious and aware.

  8. lazycalm's rating of the film I, Olga

    Cool B&W. Yet, I was hoping for a more tender and sensitive movie. Even revealing Olga's sexuality added nothing but provocative images (dancing with unbuttoned shirt [nothing underneath, of course], cunnilingus [yeah I get it], etc). In the end I just couldn't wait for the incident, which made me feel like a cold-hearted b*tch. The letter was heartbreaking, though.

  9. Samuel T.'s rating of the film I, Olga

  10. Raluca Popescu's rating of the film I, Olga

  11. steeeeellaaaaa (Iulia N)'s rating of the film I, Olga

    I hate this. The main character is ^insert every cliche about edgy antisocial teen^ and the cinematography is ok at best (just because it's b&w it doesn't make it good). The message of this movie is as subtle as a fucking brick through your window. Also, having a character being so open about their sexual orientation in '70's communist Poland when gays were being thrown in jail it's just fucking stupid and ignorant.

  12. Skinnedteen's rating of the film I, Olga

    Mathilda from Léon in a more serious version of Girl, Interrupted directed by a second rate Ingmar Bergman.

  13. dave gunn's rating of the film I, Olga

    The pacing was off, especially with how quickly the beginning of the story flies by, giving us little time to take in who she was or what she allegedly went through. Other than that, Michaliny does an amazing job capturing the detached and stoic murderer that Olga eventually becomes.

  14. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film I, Olga

    "I’m clueless about Olga Hepnarova. While granting that modus operandi really isn’t that important, I just can’t get into vehicular slaughterers. It seem too mediated, like using remote explosives (too hot). And knives stray too far from the whole “mass” aspect (too cold). The aesthetic of pistols tends to be just (sic) right." - Adam Lanza, who shot 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012

  15. -REM-'s rating of the film I, Olga

  16. Saule Mickeviciute's rating of the film I, Olga

    Nice idea, but trailer was better than the actual film, bad acting by the main actress. Nothing special or even interesting

  17. SiIencio's rating of the film I, Olga

    Olga is a detached character, detached from the film, detached from the viewer, coming from and heading towards nowhere. A Czech Columbine massacre in a cinematic language that fails to reveal or emphasize Olga's inner struggle, one that cries despair while we are offered a tedious, detached and shallow portray. Imho the director's miscalculation in terms of style should make him seriously rethink his day job.

  18. Janina's rating of the film I, Olga

    Pretentious and poorly acted.

  19. Jonathan Smith's rating of the film I, Olga

    Self consciously composed & cripplingly slow. The consistent use of static, lingering, shots creates a depressive detachment to even the most intimate scenes, but there's a total lack of engagement within the narrative. Olga limps through life with a constant glare that neither endears, nor repulses. Too often the slow pace & stalling shots lose our attention. There's some wonderful compositions, but that's about it.

  20. Graham Ball's rating of the film I, Olga

    This film has just hit me in the face like a Cinematic brick! Really very good... I am going to digest what I have just seen then comment more later...

  21. Angus George Alexander Brown's rating of the film I, Olga

    I have my issues with this film - the oral sex scene, for example, adds nothing - but the last half an hour is heartbreaking, humiliating and exquisite. Utterly harrowing.

  22. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film I, Olga

    Bresson in Husak's 'normalized' Prague.

  23. Superfrog's rating of the film I, Olga

    I love the photography reminiscent of Ida but if this is removed, the film is weak on script and the characters feel shallow. A real mess, better but reminiscent of the mess in The Tribe. Watch the first half only for the female nudes and the stunningly good looking female body scenes. And tell me what the point of the second half is.

  24. Michael's rating of the film I, Olga

    Fantastic central performance and beautiful photography.

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