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  1. Photo of Claudio Risi

    Claudio Risi Director

  2. Photo of Jean Ludwigg

    Jean Ludwigg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Federico Moccia

    Federico Moccia Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marco Cavaliere

    Marco Cavaliere Screenplay

  5. Photo of Fabrizio Bracconeri

    Fabrizio Bracconeri Cast

  6. Photo of Nicoletta Elmi

    Nicoletta Elmi Cast

  7. Photo of Renato Cestiè

    Renato Cestiè Cast

  8. Photo of Fabio Ferrari

    Fabio Ferrari Cast

  9. Photo of Stefania Dadda

    Stefania Dadda Cast

  10. Photo of Giacomo Rosselli

    Giacomo Rosselli Cast

  11. Photo of Claudia Vegliante

    Claudia Vegliante Cast

  12. Photo of Francesca Ventura

    Francesca Ventura Cast

  13. Photo of Enio Drovandi

    Enio Drovandi Cast

  14. Photo of Guido Nicheli

    Guido Nicheli Cast

  15. Photo of Ennio Antonelli

    Ennio Antonelli Cast

  16. Photo of Antonello Fassari

    Antonello Fassari Cast

  17. Photo of Riccardo Rossi

    Riccardo Rossi Cast

  18. Photo of Venantino Venantini

    Venantino Venantini Cast

  19. Photo of Dagmar Lassander

    Dagmar Lassander Cast

  20. Photo of Paolo Panelli

    Paolo Panelli Cast

  21. Photo of Sandro Ghiani

    Sandro Ghiani Cast

  22. Photo of Annabella Schiavone

    Annabella Schiavone Cast

  23. Photo of Augusto Martelli

    Augusto Martelli Music

  24. Photo of Mauro Bonanni

    Mauro Bonanni Editing