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  1. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film I Saw the Light

    Absolute shit. You couldn’t find a young southerner to play the part. Or try and be a little different with the musical biopic form? He deserves so much more. And what is with this “having the actors sing the parts” horseshit that everyone’s been doing since walk the line? It worked for that movie. Let’s bring the lip sync back so people can realize what the fuss was about. If they make an Elvis biopic and the actor

  2.'s rating of the film I Saw the Light

    A film that traces the emergence of Hank Williams who sold some 11m records in that early post war period in the late forties. While it lacks the intensity of the Ray Charles film, Tom Hiddleston should be given the credit for working incredibly hard on his guitar and singing to recreate Hank's unique style. It is not perfect but better than dubbing and dibbing!

  3. Karina O.'s rating of the film I Saw the Light

    Probably one of the best works of Tom.

  4. Will C's rating of the film I Saw the Light

    The plus I took from this film is that Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen have very pleasant singing voices. Apart from that, a very by the numbers approach to Hank Williams' life proves to be this film's downfall as I felt myself checking the times more than being engrossed by such a rich and tragic tale.

  5. MarcelVonPure's rating of the film I Saw the Light

  6. Gia de Almeida's rating of the film I Saw the Light

    Shame the movie is so superficial, too long, with underdeveloped script and characters so it seems to go on forever because Tom Hiddleston's performance was very good.

  7. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film I Saw the Light

    I liked Hiddleston a lot but if it had as much insight into why his music was so great as his domestic squabbles it would have been better.

  8. msmichel's rating of the film I Saw the Light

    Pretty awful film despite a strong turn by Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams. The script, by the director, misses the mark with its unfocused and dramatically weak take on the singer's story, alcoholism and problems with the women in his life. Musical recreations are OK if a little too sparse yet the film seems to go on forever and poor Elizabeth Olsen is reduced to playing a harpy. While not an insult its no tribute.

  9. ronny's rating of the film I Saw the Light

    the acting is fine but the storytelling is completely unfocused. would rather listen to Hank Williams tunes for a couple hours straight.

  10. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film I Saw the Light

    Tom Hiddleston gives a good PERFORMANCE of the late, great Hank Williams. But when it comes to singing, he simply can't yodel like him nor can he mimic the southern drawl so essential to Hank and his fame. It also doesn't help that this is an ungodly boring and unfocused biopic of a man that just can't seem to get a good film made about him to save his life. As a die-hard Hank fan, this will always piss me off.

  11. Kamran's rating of the film I Saw the Light

    [REVIEW] 38/100 (Marc Abraham, USA) Though Tom Hiddleston is superb in the role of Hank Williams, Marc Abraham’s fictional biopic I Saw the Light follows a sluggish script replete with banal romantic ventures and non-intimate portraiture. It does a rather poor job at conveying Hank Williams’ ... Read More: