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  1. Photo of Leo Penn

    Leo Penn Director

  2. Photo of Mark Rydell

    Mark Rydell Director

  3. Photo of Paul Wendkos

    Paul Wendkos Director

  4. Photo of Allen Reisner

    Allen Reisner Director

  5. Photo of William Thomas

    William Thomas Director

  6. Photo of Robert Culp

    Robert Culp Director, Cast Screenplay

  7. Photo of Richard C. Sarafian

    Richard C. Sarafian Director

  8. Photo of Robert Fine

    Robert Fine Director

  9. Photo of John Rich

    John Rich Director

  10. Photo of Robert Butler

    Robert Butler Director

  11. Photo of Alf Kjellin

    Alf Kjellin Director

  12. Photo of Tom Gries

    Tom Gries Director

  13. Photo of Earl Bellamy

    Earl Bellamy Director

  14. Photo of Hal Cooper

    Hal Cooper Director

  15. Photo of Christian Nyby

    Christian Nyby Director

  16. Photo of Arthur Marks

    Arthur Marks Director

  17. Photo of Morton S. Fine

    Morton S. Fine Screenplay

  18. Photo of David Friedkin

    David Friedkin Screenplay and Director

  19. Photo of Gilbert Ralston

    Gilbert Ralston Screenplay

  20. Photo of David Karp

    David Karp Screenplay

  21. Photo of Edward J. Lakso

    Edward J. Lakso Screenplay

  22. Photo of Jerry Belson

    Jerry Belson Screenplay

  23. Photo of Garry Marshall

    Garry Marshall Screenplay

  24. Photo of Robert Lewin

    Robert Lewin Screenplay

  25. Photo of Harvey Bullock

    Harvey Bullock Screenplay

  26. Photo of Eric Bercovici

    Eric Bercovici Screenplay

  27. Photo of Stephen Kandel

    Stephen Kandel Screenplay

  28. Photo of Michael Zagor

    Michael Zagor Screenplay

  29. Photo of Marion Hargrove

    Marion Hargrove Screenplay

  30. Photo of Barry Orringer

    Barry Orringer Screenplay

  31. Photo of Norman Borisoff

    Norman Borisoff Screenplay

  32. Photo of Jackson Gillis

    Jackson Gillis Screenplay

  33. Photo of Chester Krumholz

    Chester Krumholz Screenplay

  34. Photo of Jerry Ludwig

    Jerry Ludwig Screenplay

  35. Photo of Rick Mittleman

    Rick Mittleman Screenplay

  36. Photo of Berkely Mather

    Berkely Mather Screenplay

  37. Photo of Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby Cast

  38. Photo of Earle Hagen

    Earle Hagen Music

  39. Photo of Sheldon Leonard

    Sheldon Leonard Executive Producer and Director