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  1. Photo of Robert Wise

    Robert Wise Director

  2. Photo of Nelson Gidding

    Nelson Gidding Screenplay

  3. Photo of Don Mankiewicz

    Don Mankiewicz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ed Montgomery

    Ed Montgomery Story

  5. Photo of Barbara Graham

    Barbara Graham Story

  6. Photo of Susan Hayward

    Susan Hayward Cast

  7. Photo of Simon Oakland

    Simon Oakland Cast

  8. Photo of Virginia Vincent

    Virginia Vincent Cast

  9. Photo of Theodore Bikel

    Theodore Bikel Cast

  10. Photo of Wesley Lau

    Wesley Lau Cast

  11. Photo of Philip Coolidge

    Philip Coolidge Cast

  12. Photo of Lou Krugman

    Lou Krugman Cast

  13. Photo of James Philbrook

    James Philbrook Cast

  14. Photo of Bartlett Robinson

    Bartlett Robinson Cast

  15. Photo of Gage Clarke

    Gage Clarke Cast

  16. Photo of Joe De Santis

    Joe De Santis Cast

  17. Photo of John Marley

    John Marley Cast

  18. Photo of Raymond Bailey

    Raymond Bailey Cast

  19. Photo of Alice Backes

    Alice Backes Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Breck

    Peter Breck Cast

  21. Photo of Rusty Lane

    Rusty Lane Cast

  22. Photo of Hope Summers

    Hope Summers Cast

  23. Photo of Jack Weston

    Jack Weston Cast

  24. Photo of Lionel Lindon

    Lionel Lindon Cinematography

  25. Photo of Johnny Mandel

    Johnny Mandel Music

  26. Photo of Walter Wanger

    Walter Wanger Producer

  27. Photo of William Hornbeck

    William Hornbeck Editing