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Ratings & Reviews

  1. auhasard's rating of the film I Want You

    "No-one who wants you could want you more Every night when I go off to bed and when I wake up I want you I’m going to say it again ‘til I instill it I know I’m going to feel this way until you kill it"

  2. Ian Owen's rating of the film I Want You

    I really want to watch "I WANT YOU (1998)" (in English, please!) by Michael Winterbottom... for free, of course! H E L P M E !

  3. comeandsee's rating of the film I Want You

    the film which marks Winterbottom as a true and significant auteur, in the vein on Kieślowski. stunning colour filters from Sławomir Idziak, recall both the 'double life of veronique' and 'blue', as well as the exploration of duality of life and character. there is also something to be said for the commentary on voyeurism, and this quality within cinema itself.