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  1. HenriqueA's rating of the film I Will Follow

    And emotionally mature and resonant story that unfolds steadily with simplicity, but it's almost undone by some clumsy acting and filmmaking.

  2. lacy's rating of the film I Will Follow

    If you are tired of reality tv and you'd like to see a Real movie, then check out I WILL FOLLOW. It a day in the life of a niece packing up a lifetime of her deceased aunt's momentos. Watch how she deals with her loss and the perceptions of those that come in and out during the day.

  3. DIRECTHER's rating of the film I Will Follow

    My first narrative feature, I WILL FOLLOW, will make its Los Angeles debut at AFI Film Festival on November 5 in the "Breakthrough' category. Free tickets courtesy of Audi available at Come join us at The Egyptian Theatre on this special night.

  4. Kyle Lewis's rating of the film I Will Follow

    Finally got around to seeing the first AFFRM release and it's a solid debut from Ava DuVernay. The film showed tremendous promise and excites me to seee DuVernay's sophomore effort Middle of Nowhere.

  5. Richard Vialet's rating of the film I Will Follow

    I really enjoyed this one! Even though the movie is anchored by a great performance, where it really impressed me was in the structure, the writing, and especially in Maye's interaction with the supporting roles.. Loved the scene where Maye learns more about her aunt's outlook on life from a neighbor she barely knew was there, and the wonderful bit with the satellite lady! Such an assured and refreshing flick!

  6. Nikyatu's rating of the film I Will Follow

    So cool that you're on here!!!