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  1. kathmeep's rating of the film I Wish

    One thing I love about Koreeda films is his use of child characters to tell the audience a lesson about life. The climax scene when the trains passed each other really got me and I personally thought it was one of Koreeda’s most beautifully crafted scenes he was ever written. In the end, Koreeda leaves us with a warming feeling that everything will turn out fine somehow.

  2. Nachtreich's rating of the film I Wish

    Troppo frocio a 'sto giro, Koreeda. Però begli stralci.

  3. Disa's rating of the film I Wish

    I wished it was as beautiful as Like Father,Like Son and Nobody Knows but it's kinda meh

  4. camille's rating of the film I Wish

  5. Egoisms's rating of the film I Wish

    My only criticism is that it was slow at times. Otherwise the film was magnificent. My second-favourite "kids" film after Ozu's "Ohayo".

  6. Luke Andrews's rating of the film I Wish

    I didn't find it beautiful like everybody said I would, instead I found it predictable, laborious and extremely annoying. Two stars for the fantastic child actors - without them I Wish would be nothing more than a saccharine remake of Stand By Me.

  7. trianglium's rating of the film I Wish

  8. Esra Yılmaz's rating of the film I Wish

    it reminds me my childhood kids were amazing Kore-eda knows how to touch viewers hearts

  9. Joel Rodker's rating of the film I Wish

    I loved this film. I didn't know what to expect and I was slowly drawn in by the simple cinematography and the endearing characters. I was reminded a bit of Stand By Me with the young kids on a journey although I wish doesn't have such dark overtones. I enjoyed watching the important details of Japanese life and getting to know the personalities of the children. What a smile that kid has! left wanting to know more.

  10. Axel's rating of the film I Wish

    La légende veut que lorsque 2 Shinkansen se croisent, les voeux sont exaucés. Une bande d’enfants érudits échafaude alors un plan afin de voir leurs rêves secrets se réaliser. Malgré un début longuet, ce film est un antidépresseur, tant par son humour que par son esthétique léchée. Il règne dans cette ville japonaise une ambiance bon enfant (c'est le cas de le dire), sans toutefois verser dans le mièvre.

  11. Catherine Abecassis's rating of the film I Wish

    kore eda ne signe pas là son meilleur opus.. non mais la grâce de tous les enfants comme un enchantement agit lentement et surement sur nous. la force de ce réalisateur, la lenteur

  12. Anne-Sophie Bruttmann's rating of the film I Wish

    frais, délicieux, sucré mais aussi suave. Une troupe de mômes absolument incroyables

  13. azoulay's rating of the film I Wish

    Précieux et rare de montrer des enfants, pensants, délurés et audacieux. Le cinéma asiatique en est capable et particulièrement le japonais. Les héritiers d'Ozou sont donc à l'oeuvre et même si le film est un peu brouillon, on prend du plaisir à voir ses petits personnages tenter de dépoussiérer le Japon et leur propre futur avec.courage et gravité.

  14.'s rating of the film I Wish

    Petite douceur acidulée à savourer tranquillement

  15. angiebasuki's rating of the film I Wish

    I have friends came from broken homes, I asked some of them were they still hoping for their parents reunited? They were, but at one point they realized that separation was for the best. Kore-eda helped audiences understand this hard situation, yet without being to heavy to watch. Kiseki beautifully captured the realization moment of Koichi through his daily life and adventurous journey with his brother and friends.

  16. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film I Wish

    The children's lack of affectation and natural acting are what make this movie, especially that of the real-life Maeda brothers who are the two leads. Koreeda's rapid jump cutting between characters and scenes underlies the essential distance between them. However, I found the plot slight and the ending disappointing. I really want to see his other works, like Nobody Knows and After Life, for his work with children.

  17. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film I Wish

    What a treat. Such a sweet and honest Japanese Indie. At times it can be dispiriting if you've goals or dreams that seem difficult to achieve. Especially when you find yourself being the only pressing on. If you have a sibling who is (or was once) your best friend, and realize in time you two have grown apart, this is for you. It's awfully relatable, but so beautifully done you cannot NOT appreciate it. Lost synergy.

  18. Mike's rating of the film I Wish

    It would have been very easy to have overplayed one's hand with this kind of film and make it overly sentimental or overly tragic. Kore-eda manages to balance everything out perfectly and create a simple, yet impactful film about family and life.

  19. Mogambo's rating of the film I Wish

    A little too contrived and sugary sweet at times but the direction is strong enough to overcome the flaws.

  20. K.H.'s rating of the film I Wish

    This is very good. Interesting soundtrack too (since you're always being made aware of it). Felt like he was constantly making fun of the sentimentality implied in the film. Another reality based kids film from an excellent filmmaker. "Nobody Knows" still my favorite but this one's no slouch.

  21. Wee Hunk's rating of the film I Wish

    This movie tried to make me think positive thoughts. I don't like that.

  22. fearraigh's rating of the film I Wish

    One of the best directors of children in the world.

  23. skidoc03's rating of the film I Wish

    Cool movie about the wishes of seven young kids, but especially two brothers separated by the divorce of their parents.Both brothers seem to want to become a family again, but in reality, the wish is much stronger in the older brother. The wish will happen from the energy of two speeding bullet trains passing. The last 15 minutes were great; a movie for both kids and adults who just want to believe in dreams.

  24. Adam S. Hacker's rating of the film I Wish

    A more upbeat film than "Nobody Knows," this is a heartwarming tale told through the eyes of children. The fact they are still in Primary school means they still have dreams, a trait I often see squashed out of students from JHS on. Having hitchhiked through Kagoshima & all of Kyushu, this was also a walk down memory lane. Excellent depiction of life in rural Japan.

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