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  1. Photo of Aris Iliopulos

    Aris Iliopulos Director

  2. Photo of Edward D. Wood Jr.

    Edward D. Wood Jr. Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tippi Hedren

    Tippi Hedren Cast

  4. Photo of Ron Perlman

    Ron Perlman Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Greene

    Michael Greene Cast

  6. Photo of Christina Ricci

    Christina Ricci Cast

  7. Photo of Roberta Hanley

    Roberta Hanley Cast

  8. Photo of Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew McCarthy Cast

  9. Photo of Ann Magnuson

    Ann Magnuson Cast

  10. Photo of Bud Cort

    Bud Cort Cast

  11. Photo of Taylor Negron

    Taylor Negron Cast

  12. Photo of Max Perlich

    Max Perlich Cast

  13. Photo of Will Patton

    Will Patton Cast

  14. Photo of Rain Phoenix

    Rain Phoenix Cast

  15. Photo of Summer Phoenix

    Summer Phoenix Cast

  16. Photo of Tara Reid

    Tara Reid Cast

  17. Photo of John Ritter

    John Ritter Cast

  18. Photo of Rick Schroder

    Rick Schroder Cast

  19. Photo of Nicollette Sheridan

    Nicollette Sheridan Cast

  20. Photo of Steven Weber

    Steven Weber Cast

  21. Photo of Karen Black

    Karen Black Cast

  22. Photo of Eartha Kitt

    Eartha Kitt Cast

  23. Photo of Michael F. Barrow

    Michael F. Barrow Cinematography

  24. Photo of Larry Groupé

    Larry Groupé Music

  25. Photo of Maia Javan

    Maia Javan Production Design

  26. Photo of Chris Hanley

    Chris Hanley Producer

  27. Photo of Billy Zane

    Billy Zane Producer and Cast

  28. Photo of Jordan Gertner

    Jordan Gertner Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Jennifer Peckham

    Jennifer Peckham Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Dan Sales

    Dan Sales Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Dody Dorn

    Dody Dorn Editing