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  1. Photo of Carlos Saldanha

    Carlos Saldanha Director

  2. Photo of Gerry Swallow

    Gerry Swallow Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter Gaulke

    Peter Gaulke Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jim Hecht

    Jim Hecht Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ray Romano

    Ray Romano Cast

  6. Photo of John Leguizamo

    John Leguizamo Cast

  7. Photo of Denis Leary

    Denis Leary Cast

  8. Photo of Seann William Scott

    Seann William Scott Cast

  9. Photo of Josh Peck

    Josh Peck Cast

  10. Photo of Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah Cast

  11. Photo of Will Arnett

    Will Arnett Cast

  12. Photo of Jay Leno

    Jay Leno Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Ackerman

    Peter Ackerman Cast

  14. Photo of Caitlin Rose Anderson

    Caitlin Rose Anderson Cast

  15. Photo of Connor Anderson

    Connor Anderson Cast

  16. Photo of Joseph Bologna

    Joseph Bologna Cast

  17. Photo of Jack Crocicchia

    Jack Crocicchia Cast

  18. Photo of Peter DeSève

    Peter DeSève Cast, Animation Production Design

  19. Photo of Craig Anthony Grasso

    Craig Anthony Grasso Cinematography

  20. Photo of Will Edwards

    Will Edwards Music

  21. Photo of John Powell

    John Powell Music

  22. Photo of Thomas Cardone

    Thomas Cardone Production Design

  23. Photo of Lori Forte

    Lori Forte Producer

  24. Photo of Chris Wedge

    Chris Wedge Executive Producer and Cast

  25. Photo of Christopher Meledandri

    Christopher Meledandri Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Harry Hinter

    Harry Hinter Editing

  27. Photo of Douglas Murray

    Douglas Murray Sound

  28. Photo of Randy Thom

    Randy Thom Sound

  29. Photo of Jeff Beazley

    Jeff Beazley Animation

  30. Photo of Andrea Blasich

    Andrea Blasich Animation

  31. Photo of James Bresnahan

    James Bresnahan Animation

  32. Photo of Nick Bruno

    Nick Bruno Animation

  33. Photo of James Campbell

    James Campbell Animation

  34. Photo of Robert Cardone

    Robert Cardone Animation

  35. Photo of Juan Carlos Navarro Carrion

    Juan Carlos Navarro Carrion Animation

  36. Photo of Scott Carroll

    Scott Carroll Animation

  37. Photo of Jony Chandra

    Jony Chandra Animation

  38. Photo of Raul Chavez

    Raul Chavez Animation

  39. Photo of Kevin Chesnos

    Kevin Chesnos Animation

  40. Photo of Jerod Chirico

    Jerod Chirico Animation

  41. Photo of Galen T. Chu

    Galen T. Chu Animation

  42. Photo of Jonathen Collins

    Jonathen Collins Animation

  43. Photo of David Couchariere

    David Couchariere Animation

  44. Photo of Jason Davies

    Jason Davies Animation

  45. Photo of Rylan Davies

    Rylan Davies Animation

  46. Photo of Ron DeFelice

    Ron DeFelice Animation

  47. Photo of Ryan Denniston

    Ryan Denniston Animation

  48. Photo of Paul Diaz

    Paul Diaz Animation

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