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  1. Photo of Kurt Hoffmann

    Kurt Hoffmann Director

  2. Photo of Johann von Vásáry

    Johann von Vásáry Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bobby E. Lüthge

    Bobby E. Lüthge Screenplay

  4. Photo of Erich Kästner

    Erich Kästner Screenplay

  5. Photo of Helmut Weiss

    Helmut Weiss Screenplay

  6. Photo of Adina Mandlová

    Adina Mandlová Cast

  7. Photo of Werner Fuetterer

    Werner Fuetterer Cast

  8. Photo of Else von Möllendorff

    Else von Möllendorff Cast

  9. Photo of Arthur Schröder

    Arthur Schröder Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Dahlke

    Paul Dahlke Cast

  11. Photo of Kurt von Ruffin

    Kurt von Ruffin Cast

  12. Photo of Alexa von Porembsky

    Alexa von Porembsky Cast

  13. Photo of Willi Witte

    Willi Witte Cast

  14. Photo of Ingrid Ostermann

    Ingrid Ostermann Cast

  15. Photo of Wilhelm Bendow

    Wilhelm Bendow Cast

  16. Photo of Clemens Hasse

    Clemens Hasse Cast

  17. Photo of Gerhard Bienert

    Gerhard Bienert Cast

  18. Photo of Willy Winterstein

    Willy Winterstein Cinematography

  19. Photo of Franz Grothe

    Franz Grothe Music

  20. Photo of Willi Herrmann

    Willi Herrmann Production Design

  21. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Producer and Cast

  22. Photo of Elisabeth Pewny

    Elisabeth Pewny Editing